About Emerald Consulting…

As a small business owner from South Dakota I understand our market.  My family resides in the Black Hills and has for generations.  My mission is to offer insight to individuals and businesses who have questions about the hemp and cannabis industry.  My background includes being an owner operator, and an individual that believes in the healing power of cannabis.

Working in the private sector in sales, business development, operational oversight, and relationship development has given me firsthand experience creating custom client solutions.  My professional studies include a Bachelor in Information Technology (BSIT),  graduate studies in business (MBA), and my doctoral studies in education (Ph.D.-ABD).  Blending a combination of my experience, education, and professional relationships can help turn your ideas into reality.
Cannabis is a complex business requiring navigation and professional development services for those entering the market.  Protect your investment by understanding the industry and making an informed decision if hemp or cannabis is right for you.
Relationships are essential to obtaining successful outcomes for our clients.  If your focus is hemp or medical cannabis we can help.  Our strategic alliances with a network of professionals who specialize in various areas including:
  • South Dakota Cannabis Real Estate Team
  • Leasing cannabis property
  • Investors
  • Banking Solutions
  • Brand Development
  • Exit Strategy
  • License Applications
  • Operations
  • Compliance
  • Staffing
  • HVAC
  • Hardware (lighting, processing equipment, racks, growing containers, specialty products)
  • High-Efficiency Packaging Solutions
  • Computer Kiosk Hardware/Software Solutions
  • South Dakota Security Solutions
  • Software
  • Accounting
  • South Dakota Cannabis Attorney
  • Engineers
  • Cultivation experts
  • Financial Experts

Our team specializes in new business, multi-state operators, branding, financial planning, and operations.