How does legalized medical cannabis affect how you do business?

South Dakota Law

Under SDCL § 34-20G-22, a qualifying medical cannabis patient is afforded the same rights under local and state law as an individual utilizing a pharmaceutical medication. These rights extend to any interaction with the individual’s employer and include drug testing by the employer or any drug testing required under state or local law, or by any agency or governmental official.

How does legal medical cannabis affect your hiring process?
How does legal medical cannabis affect how you do business?
Do you have medical cannabis policies in your workplace that accommodate or prohibit employee use?
Would you benefit from medical cannabis policies for your business that are compliant with local and state laws?
Do you operate in multiple states and would like to have policies that follow each state’s guidelines?
Would you benefit from a new revenue stream for your business by learning how to work with licensed medical cannabis establishments?
Are you interested in selling products or services to cannabis businesses?
Do you have questions about connecting with businesses in the cannabis industry?

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