Michigan tribes want to sell Marijuana

Monday, Feb 21

New bill wants to allow Michigan tribes to sell the same marijuana products as the rest of the state

Marijuana plant
Cities across Michigan are slowly reacting to Michigan's medical marijuana law

A new bill in the state legislature would allow American Indian tribes in Michigan to sell recreational marijuana on tribal lands.

Under current law, tribal dispensaries have not been able to sell the same marijuana products as the rest of the state. Tribes are sovereign and have had to go through a whole separate process to join the marijuana market available to the state, according to the Michigan Regulatory Agency.

Republican State Representative Roger Hauck is sponsoring the new legislation. He says tribes were overlooked when marijuana was legalized in Michigan.

Hauck says this legislation will lead to consistent marijuana quality across the state.

“It gives more certainty to everyone because everybody that is selling it legally in the state of Michigan will go through the metrics and it’ll be tested. We know what’s good, we know what the THC level is in it,” Hauck said.

Hauck says the bill could go before the House Regulatory Reform Committee as early as next week.