New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Saturday, Mar 12

Cannabis Regulatory Commission

Recreational Cannabis Application Process Update

This week the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission is moving through a critical milestone in the licensing process for new businesses. We have completed two stages of review for many applicants and identified some as incomplete. Those applications that have been deemed incomplete will be rejected back to applicants to cure (provide needed information and/or documentation) and resubmit.

A rejection is NOT a disqualification and cured, resubmitted applications maintain their place in the review, in accordance with their overall priority. For example, if a conditional social equity applicant for a microbusiness license receives a rejection, when the applicant resubmits their application, it will not go to the end of the overall queue; instead, it will go the end of the highest priority list.

Rejection letters for applications missing proof of social equity status, diversely owned business certification, or impact zone status will be issued first. Letters for incomplete applications (those missing a mandatory requirement) will be issued next.

Applicants receiving rejection letters will be able to access their applications in the CRC Licensing Platform, amend their submissions to fix the deficiencies, and then resubmit.

Technical questions on the application system can be submitted through the licensing platform, and substantive questions about the applications can be submitted through the instructions in the rejection letter or via [email protected].

Applicants can check updates on application status within the CRC Licensing system. If no update has been posted, the application is still in contention and under review.